Reduce fatigue and increase speed and strength

Fatigue is an extreme state of tiredness, a condition when you are no more willing to do your daily work out or exercise and there is lack of interest and motivation that can decrease your energy levels. During workouts, the body is constantly consuming energy and using body reserves to perform at its peak.

Fatigue can also occur when you do workouts for longer hours or when your body feels that a certain threshold limit is reached for a certain type of exercise and beyond that, there could be damage to the body, so your brain stops you from doing further exercise.  

However, if you are feeling tired even after doing your normal workout or exercise, then its something to concern about. There might be a lot of reasons to that. 

Down here I am going to discuss various types and causes of fatigue and at the end, I will share the tips to reduce it.

There are 2 main types of fatigue, 

Physical fatigue

A condition usually occurs after a heavy exercise in which muscles are no more able to contract or relax even if they receive movement signals from the brain. It occurs because all the energy has been utilized while performing some physical activity and muscles gets exhausted and unable to perform optimally. The onset of physical fatigue is gradual and depends upon one’s stamina, peoples who are more active and physically fit tend to perform for a longer duration while peoples with less stamina get tired early. 

Mental fatigue 

Anger, anxiety, working for long hours and unhealthy lifestyle makes your brain feeling stressed and exhausted. That's called mental fatigue. Mental fatigue can decrease your performance and may lead to some serious health issues.  

How to reduce fatigue 

Fatigue is a reversible condition and a little change in your daily lifestyle can give you big gains, here are some practical tips that can be helpful in reducing fatigue,

Take brakes

A good way to maintain your energy levels throughout the day is to take little brakes during your work hours. It will help you to relax and recharge your energy levels. Take little brakes every 2 to 3 hours. 

Sleep well

A lack of good sleep affects your mental health and may cause various psychological issues as well, which can turn bad for your overall health. Taking good night sleep and waking up early in the morning not only keeps you refreshed but also keeps you energized for your workouts. 

Eat good & nutritious food

A good and nutritious diet keeps you healthy and boosts the overall metabolism, which in turn makes you more active throughout the day. Avoid processed foods and the foods which are high in sugar, because it may lead to obesity and other health issues.

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If you are suffering from issues like depression, pain, and sleep disorders, then you must seek immediate medical treatment as these can cause fatigue or make it worse.