5 homemade remedies for strong, smooth and silky hairs

Everyone likes dense, silky and smooth hairs on their scalp, no matter if he’s a man or woman. Well, if good and beautiful hairs get effected from alopecia, dryness, and dandruff then half of your beauty fades away. 

Good hairs ask for proper care and nourishment, for that purpose you can find tons of readymade products in the market and I believe that most of you have already tried such hair care products. Many of the peoples are allergic to branded products or the ingredients in such products or simply can’t afford to have them. 

For you I am presenting all natural homemade remedies that will not only nourish the hairs but also they will make your hairs more dense and healthy, you can prepare such remedies at home, all it asks for a little hard work. Such homemade remedies are natural and also costs much less than branded products.

Down here i am going to share cheap but effective remedies and tips for your scalp health.

Scalp dryness

Symptoms: Dull, dry hairs, dandruff, curling, hair fall and weakness in hair roots.
Remedy: Take one egg, red henna powder, yogurt, and mustard oil all in the same proportion as the egg. Mix them well and make a paste out of it. Gently apply it on all over your scalp with your fingers and let it be applied for 4 to 5 hours and wash afterward. Do this about twice a week and within a few weeks you will notice a dramatic change in your hairs and you will absolutely love it.

Greyish/White hair problems

Symptoms: Hairs turned to white before age.
Remedy: Take Lavender 6g (available at grocery stores) and boil it in about a cup of water for 5 minutes. Drink it twice a day. Do it daily and after a few weeks, you will notice that your hairs are becoming strong and turning to black once again.

Lice problems

Symptoms: lice infestation in hairs that won't go away with other remedies.
Remedy: Take some lemons and cut them into half, now rub each of them on all over your scalp up to the hair roots. Let it be applied for about an hour. Now take few Neem tree leaves (Azadirachta indica) and boil them in water and then wash the hairs with this water. Wash with clean water later on. The lice will be gone after this treatment.

Silky, Smooth and Long Hair

Remedy: Use coconut oil in the hairs, massage hairs with coconut oil in the hairs at night and wash away in the morning. Coconut oil makes your hairs thick, smooth, silky and long.

Stop hair fall within 7 days

Symptoms: No matter whatever the reason is, this remedy will end hair fall within 7 days.
Remedy: Take customized zest of garlic and boil it in the olive oil and preserve it. Apply this oil after having a bath. It will work and stop hair loss within 7 days guaranteed. Try this once!

I hope that these remedies will help you to get back your healthy hairs once again. Let me know if you find any of these remedies helpful for your hairs. And if you are looking for some good hair care products then you must read out my article about a popular hair product called "Har Vokse". Read more here