Prostate cancer symptoms that you should never ignore

Prostate cancer is among the most common type of cancers that occurs in men. Because of its slow progressing nature, lot of peoples are unable to recognize it on early stages until cancer reaches advanced stages, where it causes a lot of trouble in the form of blockage of urethra, at this stage the patient starts to feel worried about the symptoms, but its already became too late. According to cancer research UK, five symptoms you should never ignore and get your tests immediately if you see any of these five symptoms.

Five common symptoms of prostate cancer:

1. Increased urine frequency: Patients tend to urinate more frequently in the daytime than before.

2. Middle of the night insomnia: Patients tend to awake at the middle of nights due to full bladder and urinate at multiple times during the whole night. 

3. Difficulty in urination: Patients feel pain while urination a condition called “urine hesitancy”. As Cancer Research UK explains at this condition it becomes very painful during initial phases of urination with a weak urine flow. There might be involuntary urine flow or patient itself forced to urinate or urine might get stop and flows again. 

4. Emergency urination: The condition when patients feel the urgency in emptying their bladder and run towards the toilet.

5. Drops after urination: Even after complete emptying of the bladder, the patients might feel urine drops coming out after he finishes urination.
The other symptoms of prostate cancer include blood in the urine or in the semen, but such conditions are rarely seen. As told earlier, the majority of men fail to recognize the symptoms at early stages, so one should not ignore any of the above symptoms and must see a physician. 

The prostate is actually a gland that is the size of a walnut and it lies just below the bladder and it surrounds the urethra. This gland has a role in secreting an alkaline fluid that forms part of seminal fluid, the fluid which carries the sperms. 

The increased size prostate is called “benign prostatic enlargement”. This enlargement puts a pressure on the urethra and urinary bladder which effects the normal urination routine. Health expert links frequent, delayed and painful urination with increased prostate gland size called “Benign prostatic hyperplasia” or BPH in short. 

Symptoms of prostate cancer and BPH symptoms are identical and sometimes it is hard to differentiate the two. Unfortunately the prostate cancer is only evident at later stages when it starts to put pressure on urethra which disturbs the normal urine flow.  BPH and prostate cancer has some common symptoms like, 

➠ Urgency in urination
➠ Frequent urination at night as well as at day time
➠ Forceful urination 
➠ Weak urine flow or droppings after 
➠ Sudden start and stoppage of urine 
➠ Feel of filled bladder even after urination

But if someone has prostate cancer then there are some advanced prostate cancer symptoms which helps to differentiate the cancer and BPH:

➠ Painful and burning feeling while urination
➠ Blood in urine
➠ Painful feeling while ejaculation
➠ Blood in semen

 Immediately see your doctor if you see any of these symptoms because more early it gets diagnosed, more the chances you will live.