How long should you shower? Dr. Howard Sobel explained

Most of the peoples face dry skin problems, especially during the winter season. Dry skin causes itching, scaling and crackling. Well known dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel has explained an easy way to get rid of dry skin problem during winters, 

During winters, daily 4-minutes shower with lukewarm water reduces dry skin problems, longer than 4 minutes shower even 5 or 6 minutes, may enhance dry skin conditions, so 4 minutes time is very crucial.

Furthermore, Dr. Sobel said, 

➤ Always use soft cleansers for showers rather than soaps because soaps enhance scaling and crackling skin.

➤ Always use a clean towel and do not rub your skin aggressively as it can cause irritation and friction to your skin. Instead, pat or blot your skin gently.

➤ After drying off moisture from the skin, apply a good quality moisturizer to your whole body. Application of a moisturizer lets your skin to stays soft and fresh for a longer time. 

To get your desired skin, you must do a joint effort. By focusing on a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables and using the best skin care products you will be able to maintain a healthy skin without taking any medicines.